Security Officers & Security Services

Metropolitan Security Group will provide you with a professional security officer who is trained in risk analysis, risk management and reporting procedures. Security officers who can assess security and OH & S risks which can place property, staff and visitors at risk; be it from holes in fences, unsecured or damaged gates, unsecured windows and perimeter doors, slip, trip or fall issues including spills, torn carpets, uplifted sides, holes, cracks or fire hazards. Our officers are trained to recognise these issues, deal with these issues and report on these issues so that you are aware of any potential problems or risks.

Our officers undergo a company induction and site specific induction covering safe work procedures and reporting procedures.

We take pride in the appearance of our security personnel. All officers wear a distinctive uniform that is clearly recognisable and portraying a professional image.

Your dedicated client manager will keep in regular contact with you to discuss any security or OHS issues which may arise and when they do will ensure that reports are written in a concise and detailed manner and delivered promptly.

Metropolitan Security Group utilizes a patrol recording device to record patrol times to ensure patrols are conducted on the premises as specified.
Detailed reports will be provided on a regular basis. 

We Provide our security officers for following application:
  • corporate
  • concierge
  • high rise
  • construction
  • gatehouse
  • factory/warehouse
  • close personal protection
  • event security
  • shopping malls
  • government premises
  • k-9
  • retail loss prevention
  • sporting venues
  • vip protection
  • hotel
  • pub and club security
  • private security
  • schools
  • vehicle dealerships

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