Metropolitan Security Group offers a 24Hour 7 days per week Alarm Monitoring Service for all its clients including residential, commercial, industrial, shops, banks and Government buildings.

How it works:
A telephone line as attached to your Alarm System and if an alarm is activated the alarm system control panel sends a signal to our manned Control Room and an operator actions the Alarm in accordance to a predetermined response plan by either contacting the client, arranging an Alarm Response Service or calling the Police.

Alarm Monitoring by GPRS:
A GPRS module can be attached to your alarm system which utilizes both a telephone line and a GSM module to send the alarm signal to the monitoring station. If your telephone lines are cut the alarm panel will send a signal to the monitoring station using GSM advising of a telephone line fault and will continue sending alarm activations if they occur. GPRS modules utilize Telstra, Optus and Vodafone sim cards.

Monitoring of CCTV Systems:
Wireless Motion Activated Cameras can be placed around the interior or exterior of your premises that are connected wirelessly to your alarm system. If movement is detected a video is taken by the CCTV camera and sent via GSM to the Monitoring Station. The Monitoring Station then actions the alarm signal by viewing the picture and either calling the client, dispatching a mobile response or calling the police to attend.