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Horological Machine No9 Flow effectively expanded the limits manufacturing technology to make itself. The HM9 case's swooping, nearly-parabolic curves that are double as dramatic as those on the HM6 were made. These narrow, exasperating sections of polished Titanium located at the tightest angles of the case were originally too small to be polished with existing tools. A tripartite casing that needed to be water-resistant was sealed using a three-dimensional gasket with an unprecedented geometry. This was patented, and later implemented. They were too small to mill, and they were too difficult to attach, but they're on the HM9 now, looking cool and rocking.

The roger dubuis replica "Flow" Horological Machine is the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. It did not go with the flow. It realised that the current manufacturing technology was not suitable for its needs. It went out and bought new manufacturing technology. This made me realize that this is how I would like to live my own life. This is why I moved into a new place. The curtains are still missing from the bedroom and I no longer have a fridge.roger dubuis replica The doorbell is working!

Additional Observations

1. The twin balances on the HM9 engine have been individually impulsed and separated spatially because they are meant to provide different chronometric data. The differential is used to average discrete timing data. It would be illogical to lock the harmonic oscillation of the balances. Don't mention the "R-word" to me, I won't listen.

2. It's impossible to regulate the balances the normal way. The Witschi isn't working because it depends on sound. And having two balances running at the same time interferes with the chronometric data. Balances must be blocked, regulated and calibrated in order. The calibration will then be thrown out of whack if both balances run at the same time. The balances must be readjusted and reblocked to achieve optimal performance. There are no shortcuts.

3. You might be wondering if the 3D gasket for water resistance is necessary. I encourage you to consider another way to split your case to get the movement inside without affecting the aesthetic replica watches It's impossible. Seriously. Seriously.

4. The sapphire domes on the top of the pods are a nightmare for mills. Like a droplet of water, they have different widths along their cross-section.

5. HM9 is available in two editions, each of which has 33 pieces. The "Air" version features a dial with an aviation style and a darkened dial. The "Road", on the other hand, sports a dial with a speedometer dial and a rose gold treated movement. Both look great, but I prefer the "Road", which has echoes of Mercedes-Benz W196 race car, according to Maximilian Busser. Zoom zoom.

6. Conical gears are used to transfer motion from the horizontal to vertical plane in the HM9's engine. The HM9 engine is more than just a pretty picture, you guys.